What quantity of antigen is required per animal?

Protein solution – 1-2 mg at a concentration of 0.1-1 mg/mL is generally sufficient.

Protein in gel – 1 mg. Less amount might be sufficient.
Peptide – 10 mg is sufficient for all of our services. However, if your peptide is < 70% we need at least 7 mg; >70-80% we need 6-7 mg, if it is >90% we only need 4-5 mg. If you are interested in affinity purification of your antibody, we will need 3-6 mg of peptide, preferably in a dry form.
Conjugated peptide – 10 mg is generally sufficient. If the peptide is highly purified less amount might be sufficient.

Other Antigens – Please contact SICGEN.

Formailto:technical@sicgen.pt affinity purification of the antibody, an additional 2-5 mg of soluble protein or 5 mg of peptide, preferably in dry form is required to prepare the immunoaffinity column. If other quantities or concentrations are available, please contact SICGEN. Provide information related to buffer and protein concentration used.

In the SuperFast and Standard protocols 500-600 µg of protein or peptide are used for the first immunization, 250-300 µg of protein or peptide for the other immunisations. In total 1,000 µg -1,200 µg (SuperFast) or 1,500 µg – 1,800 µg (Standard) of protein or peptide per animal.