What type of antigens can be used?

SICGEN immunization protocols can be adapted to recombinant and native proteins, conjugated peptides and other haptens. Minimum molecular weight needed to induce sufficient immune response is from 10-12 kDa. In order to generate an immune response to small molecules, also known as haptens, conjugation to larger carrier proteins should be performed. SICGEN can conjugate these haptens to a carrier protein through the sulfo bond on amino acid cysteine to make the immunogen. For carrier proteins SICGEN often uses the large protein KLH (Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin) to conjugate synthetic peptides. KLH compared to carrier proteins such as BSA (Bovine Serum Albumin) is useful since there is no reactivity with ELISA or Western Blots blocking reagents. Biohazardous materials for immunizations are not accepted.