Package 2 – protein synthesized by SICGEN


•    Immunization using 1 goat

•    Pre-immune serum (5-10 ml)

•    3 immunizations (1, 2, 3rd week)

•    1 serum bleeding (5th week)

•    200-250 ml antiserum per animal (or 500-1000 ml*)

•    ELISA test (4th week)

•    Optional Western blotting test available

•    Serum separation

•    4 weeks protocol period

No of Animals 1
Protein/peptide Required

•    SICGEN synthesizes 2-10 mg protein (bacterial expression), 1-2 mg are used for antibody production, 0.1 mg for ELISA and at least 1-2 mg used for epitope affinity purification or delivered to researcher

•    Customer provide antigen information (protein name, sequence and GenBank Acc n.)

Pre-immune serum Yes
Conjugation included Yes
ELISA testing 4th week
Western Blot Optional
Purification Optional

•    Protein G purification

•    Antigen-affinity purification

Antibody to Customer 200-250 ml antiserum per animal*
Notes * If the customer decides not to continue the project, extra 500-1000 ml of serum will be obtained by

terminal bleed; this option might not be available